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Title: My Heart's Protection
By: [personal profile] angelzash
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pairing: eventual Sherlock/John
Overall Rating: R/NC-17
This Chapter: G
Warnings: Magical AU
Word Count:~935
Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Summary: Sherlock is the world's only hope against Moriarty, and John would do anything to protect him. Even if that means giving up his heart.

Notes: This is a response to this prompt on the BBC Sherlock Kink Meme. Um... Yeah, just meant to make a start and a few notes on this because I really LOVED the prompt, but it sorta ran away from me. Still, little!Johnny is adorable and so sweet I think! So he makes up for it. Lol. First Chapter should follow before too long. Still need to make those further notes before this migraine completely kills me.

This is unbeta'd, so any and all constructive criticism will be even more loved than usual. And I always love it! So don't be shy. ;->



Johnny’s mother wore vanilla extract instead of perfume. So when he thought of biscuits, he thought of his mother and nights spent cuddling with a book.

She’d put him to bed before his sister since Harry was a whole four years older than him and got to stay up until nine instead of eight. Harry said it was because she was a big girl and he was just a baby, but Johnny didn’t really mind. He figured being a baby wasn’t so bad as long as he had his mother to fall asleep snuggling with.

Every night at seven o’clock, Johnny would take his bath, put on his pajamas, and get a glass of milk from the kitchen. Then he and his mother would climb upstairs to his small bedroom where she would tuck him in before sitting down next on the bed to him.

“Where did we leave off?” Mummy would always look as though she was trying very hard to remember.

“Right there, Mummy,” Johnny would tell her, giggling and pointing at the bookmark that glittered through the laminated plastic above the pages.

“Ohhh…” Mummy would reply, exaggerating her surprise and turning to the page. “You’re right! That’s where we were! Clever boy!”

“Mummy! That’s where my bookmark was! We used it to mark the page!”

“And a very nicely made bookmark it is,” Mummy would compliment him, pulling it out to admire once again.

This Johnny always knew was real. His mother had been very proud when he’d brought his bookmark home and had taken it with her to work to have it laminated the very next day. She said it was because she didn’t want to lose a single bit of glitter Johnny had used to write his name on it.

They’d start reading after that. Tales of adventure or mystery were what they usually read with fantasy and science fiction being slightly less usual. One of Johnny’s favorite stories was Kidnapped and they read it over and over again, but he also loved to read fairy tales and the occasional romance because they made his mum smile the most.

Then one day, his mother brought him home a new book, a collection of ancient fairy tales that weren’t very popular anymore. Mummy always wanted to make sure Johnny had the best education he could, which was probably why they rarely read anything more contemporary than the 1950’s.

“Which one would you like to read first,” his mother asked him, settling the book across their laps. She turned to the Table of Contents and smoothed the cover pages down.

“Um….”Johnny said, considering as he looked for an interesting title. “That one! ‘A Heart’s Protection’!”

His mother frowned down at the page and then turned to look at him with a gentle smile. “I know you like hearts and helping people, but I doubt this story will be a good one for bedtime. Why don’t we try—“

“No! I want that story, Mummy,” Johnny protested, shaking his head and feeling the familiar panic rising up in him. They couldn’t change the story now! “That one feels right!”

Mummy’s frown deepened as a hint of alarmed realization flickered through her light blue eyes. “Feels right, does it? Well, I guess I can’t argue with that.”

She turned to the page and started reading, her voice hesitant at first but growing stronger as she continued. The feeling of rightness seemed to swell in them, keeping Johnny’s attention rapt on the story and even distracting him from the pictures that accompanied it. Mummy didn’t even think of stopping, not when the heroine gave her heart to the lake spirit to protect her beloved in battle and not when the hero ran to the lake to find his lady love gone, her heart turned into a shield that he carried with him all the rest of his many days.

“Mummy,” Johnny said, finally looking over the picture of an old knight sleeping under a tree with his shield next to him. Not far away, viewed over his shining armor-clad legs, the knight was dancing with his love over the waters of the moonlit lake. “Why didn’t he just give her heart back?”

“Because that wouldn’t work,” his mother told him, running her fingers soothingly through his hair. “She gave her heart to protect someone she loved. He would have destroyed her by turning that love away once it was freely given.”

“But why did she have to die to protect him? Isn’t love supposed to make everything all better?”

Mummy smiled sadly and hugged Johnny close. He snuggled into her, hiding his face in her chest and breathing in her vanilla scent. “Yes, that’s why she died, sweetie. Her love could protect him best by giving him a shield made from it. Because he had that shield, he could survive any battle.”

“But he didn’t have her anymore…”

“No. He still had her love though. And love isn’t something that ever truly disappears.” She tapped his temple to get his attention, and then pointed to the couple dancing in the background of the final picture. “See? They’re together again. It just took a little longer than usual.”

Johnny nodded, but still wondered if he would ever understand even as his mother kissed him good night and turned out the light.

That night, he dreamed of a man with light quick-silver eyes and a mischievous grin that called to him. He wouldn’t remember the dream in the morning, but he would always know there was someone out there he had to protect no matter what.


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